With over 30 years in the Lighting Industry, I’ve learned that embracing change, leading through it, and adapting to market indicators are key elements of success. To that end, I am proud to support my clients, their enterprise goals, and various project profiles through three corporations.

What began with Studio Lucem, Inc. in Southern California did not end there. Through VE Option, Inc., I’ve put together companies and teams – combined with manufacturers and channel partners – to create a panel of lighting professionals ready to provide a full range of exclusive project solutions for clients nationwide and around the world.

Separate, distinct, and strategic in every way, each of my business units enables me to provide multifaceted solutions directly to the customer – elevating their bottom line and disrupting the status quo. As businesses driven by purpose, each company supports Novitas Foundation* in transforming lives.

Contact me directly regarding your local, national, or global lighting needs by clicking on one of the categories below or call me now to get started.


* Novitas Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.